Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Skiboooooom!! Skibii's Death PR Stunt Pays Off! Sort of...

5 Days ago nobody knew who the f**k Skibii was. And I'm talking industry insiders here guys. I get the low downs on any new music videos but I've never heard of this guy until he pulled the craziest hoax ever.

Skibii's death PR stunt made him the talk of every Nigerian social media room and a fews days later he drops a video for his new joint "Sampu". Now the video is getting posted on many blogs that just a week ago he would have never thought of his name appearing on.

Mr Skiibi, I mean Skibii, hope your views are going through the roof. Enjoy it while it lasts you bold son of a b*tch!

Click here to watch SAMPU video by SKIBII

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