Monday, October 20, 2008


New Blog for Nigerian Web Startups and Internet Business News

I am building a new blog that will cover news on Internet business in Nigeria and reviews of upcoming Nigerian web Startups.
We have seen a lot of new web2.0 sites come up in Nigeria from late 2006, through 2007 to now. The force driving the creation of these new web startups is the growth of the number of Internet users in nigeria.
We are expecting to see VC funding flooding the Nigerian webspace in a shot while, and also the growth of ecommerce through provision of secure online payment services.
Read more about Nigeria dotcom revolution at the Nigerian startup news and tech news site.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Nigerian music variety entertainment show

Your Access is a monthly Nigerian variety entertainment show.
The show is very interesting and features popular Nigerian artists like D'banj and Adewale Ayuba and more.
The show is action packed and is produced for ToksVisions TV.
You can watch the 2 episodes of season 2 on AfricaMars Web TV. Watch Your Access.

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