Sunday, January 06, 2008


Watch streaming African p2p tv, AfricaMars

Africamars is a new webTv service that provides a collection of African Tv channels to viewers like never before. It provides fast streaming TV over the internet with the use of new technology in weTv broadcasting.
With Africamars, you would be able to select from an array of African TV channels, any program of your choice. Channels from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and more provide a variety of programs including news, drama, comedy, African cultural programs, African music, English premier league soccer and more.
This gives viewers the privilege of watching wonderful Tv programs from all across Africa no matter their location.

AfricaMars is a first of its kind in Africa. It is the first p2p tv streaming service for all African TV stations and its launching in 2008. This type of technology in media streaming has been used for sometime in places like china and europe, but this is the first time it is used by an African Company.
Companies like TVKoo in china, PPStream,, NewTeeVee by MediaZone and offer similar services.
AfricaMars broadcasts live video content from many African channels with quality programming. Its target audience are African living in the US and UK and also Africans living in Africa who would love a little flavour and variety in their home entertainment.

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visit AfricaMars and watch fast streaming african p2p tv online

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