Friday, October 21, 2005


Hilary Duff fan site

Have you checked the web site?
Hilary duff's new fan site. If you haven't, vist it now and see more about the actress. Trishfan runs the site, and it is a place to be for all Hilary Duff fans from everywhere in the world.
I am a good friaend of his, I run the african music network, he just started his Hilary Duff fan site, and its a great site to visit. Try and see what he has for your self.


Hillary duff news and story, fan site

A friend of mine Trishan is building a new Hilary duff Fan site at, you can find news and pics of her at the site. visit the website for all your hillary duff news.

The site is meant for all fans of Hilary duff all over the world

Sunday, October 16, 2005


African Music network

African music network just got deleted from the ODP. Thats bad news because even if I get African music network back on its track, the websites PR is going to reduce greatly. But still I will try to bring it back and get listed back on the ODP though it will take some time. You can donate to help bring african music network back! Make a donation please

Sunday, October 09, 2005


African music network's return

The return of African music network is hanging on a thread I still haven't raised enough money to bring it back, but hopefully will very soon.

I also plan to add so many tracks from south African musicians, and other musicians around Africa, with video downloads and a dicussion group.

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