Thursday, December 14, 2006


Afriville is an idea that was stolen from me. I blogged about the exact idea on this blog in september 2006.
here is a link to the post

As you can see this post was made on the 1st of september 2006 and was only registered on the 14th of november 2006, thats a month and two weeks after I blogged about the idea. (you can go to and check for a domain name's availability and also find out when it is registered when you click on look up domain from the whois result page).

In my blog post I talked about making an african social networking site, and that is exactly what the people that copied my idea ended up doing. This is a direct lifting of my idea.

I plan to take legal and online action.

The obvious thing is that the people that now own afriville, came across my idea and picked even the domain i wrote in the post and registered without consulting or informing me.

Thats a very dumb thing to do. Now what if they lose the domain name?

any contribution or advice, drop me a comment.

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