Thursday, January 05, 2012


Funny Video:Goodluck Jonathan's Facebook Comments

on 1st of January 2012, Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan decided to give a whole nation of more than 160 million people, a new years present. He removed the subsidy on fuel which they've been enjoying for years in order to cut cost of the government.

The people returned the favor by taking to the streets and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook with the #OccupyNigeria campaign. Of all the campaigns, one stood out because of it's bold and very hilarious nature. Welcome to PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN'S FACEBOOK PAGE.

I'm sure the guy will now realize that social media is such a bad idea

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Video: Always by F.A. | African Music

F.A. is a Liberian artist signed to Bluelinks Entertainment.. "Always" is F.A.'s second music video I have seen. Kudos to him for the unique beat and a mixture of western style in African music..

Watch the video here: Always by F.A. | African music video

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Everyday by 9ice | Nigerian Music

9ice is back with a new album and his new video "Everyday".

The Nigerian yoruba artist who first made a name with the hit song Gongo Aso, which became an anthem through out Nigeria has not faded from the spotlight since his debut around the year 2008.

The artist has managed to stay in the spotlight for mostly his talent, but let's not forget controversies too. He had a little of a rough patch domestically and he separated from his wife Toni Payne with allegations of unfaithfulness.

Since then, 9ice has made a huge come back in the Nigerian music scene..

Watch the new video: Everyday by 9ice

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Wizkid Pakurumo

New music video from Nigeria's wonder boy Wizkid.. Song titled Pakurumo is a traditional wedding party video and has some comedy edge to it..

Watch The Nigerian music video by Wizkid | Pakurumo here..

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