Saturday, August 01, 2015


L.E.S, AKA and BurnaBoy at it again in P.A.I.D Music Video

I am a music blogger and even own the blog http://africanmusic.blogspot,com, if you have any idea what that sub domain name meant to blogging circa 2005/6 You would think that I am African music's biggest fan. But I am not, i am not even a fan right now :(

From African artists trying to behave like they are American, to Olamide holding up plastic punch cups in all his videos (what is he? An american high school kid at his fraternity party?) i started to lose hope on the whole industry and even parked all my stuff to go live in the Sahara (No I didn't).

Then I came across AKA's "All Eyes On Me" video featuring Da L.E.S and BurnaBoy, and I didn't care if it seemed too American or from Pluto. I liked it! :D

Now they've also collaborated in another work, and the trio have dropped the video for L.E.S's P.A.I.D

You can watch it here P.A.I.D music video by L.E.S featuring AKA and BurnaBoy.

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