Wednesday, September 03, 2008


African recipes website

A website that deals with tasty African dishes run by a woman called Sonia. You can find a wide range of African recipes on the site.

These are her exact words;

If you are anything like me, the biggest challenge to cooking can be deciding just what to cook. I bet you sometimes get tired of eating the same foods.

Or maybe you'd just like to make something different tasting for a change, like this delicious and nutritious jollof rice.

My name is Sonia and I will be your kitchen helper. I grew up making and eating African food in my native Liberia. I have since been collecting and cooking family recipes for more than twenty-five years.

I built this site to share some of my family's recipes (mostly Liberian) and experiences with you. I will find the Liberian culture to be particularly interesting and unique.

Why not give African-Recipes-Secrets a try? There are African recipes for everyone! With my detailed and easy to follow food, bread, dessert, and beverage recipes, you too can prepare some great tasting meals...and have fun in the process too!

The site is at

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