Wednesday, July 02, 2008


African TV viewers online

Traditional TV loosing viewers to the Internet and online media.I have read a lot of articles lately talking about traditional media loosing its viewership to the internet.Of course, the provision off an alternative news and entertainment source or media has reduced the viewership and following of traditional media, but the concern here is will this so called "new media" takeover from the traditional media we grew up watching? I don't think we will see that anytime soon, the Internet still hasn't penetrated places like Africa as it has done in Europe and America, so at least not for Africa but its still the way forward and TV and other sources of news and entertainment should prepare and jump in first to penetrate the online viewer and readership before their competitors.
The traditional TV networks shouldnt slack, they should also innovate and embrace the rapid technological advancement or else be left behind. As viewers move more towards the Internet, the TV channels and Radio channels should also establish an online service and make it a little more interesting than traditional viewership by adding interactivity, view-on-demand and many other goodies that the web2.0 generation comes with. Many live Internet TV broadcasting services are emerging. Companies like Brightcove, PPstream, TVKoo and AfricaMars.TVKoo is a Chinese P2P online TV service that broadcasts a variety of TV channels online. While AfricaMars, a newly launched service is focussed on African TV channels. It also uses p2p technology similar to TVkoo, AfricaMars is currently talking with TV stations from African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and many other African Countries to be able to transmit their programs on the internet.These services provide TV channels with a great opportunity to catch up and reach viewers on the internet, thereby increasing the TV channels viewership and also revenue.


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