Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Stopping online scams

Nigeria has made itself a name in the global online fraud market or better known as 419 in the country. Now the country is putting up and fighting against those scammers. Now the agency in charge of stopping online fraud and other financial crimes in the country, the EFCC has banned all night browsing in internet cafes in the country.
The agency believes that the scammers take advantage of the all night internet surfing which costs them a little over a dollar to launch there fraudulent campaigns over the internet, when it is working ours in other parts of the world especially the USA.
I also believe that this is a good move by the government in curbing this menace, but they need to do more and focus on catching the scammers and bringing them to justice. I know with a little investment into some internet tracking tools, the scammers would never feel safe again and they would be out of work. I have a lot of concepts on how to easily develop these tools.
I also have a blog where I write on tips how to avoid online scam. http://avoidscam.blogspot.com

It is up to us to protect ourselves and avoid being victimized by these treacherous scammers. If we know what necessary precautions to take, then surely we will continue to enjoy your shopping experience at eBay.Here are some important reminders to follow to protect yourself from being scammed, Ebay Merchants: Avoid This Credit Card Scam .
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