Saturday, August 06, 2005


African music will be back this week

I am the founder of the African music network back in 2003, I worked very hard on creating and promoting it and it grew very big. But I didn't plan from the beginning.

Like the Big internet marketers say, keep your eyes on the money! I didn't. So it got to a point whereI had a big site but no money coming in. So I had to revise my strategy and put the money first. I figured I had to reach profitability, Now I have to find money to buy african music videos and songs and also pay for the hosting and domain name.

Thats for sure a huge investment Considering the fact that the website offers free African music download.

So I have to raise some money by hosting ads on the site and by getting donations. The donations are really going to help both me and the users of the site by bringing back the website and making it possible for anyone to enjoy the reach African culture through the Music. Anyone can help donate and make this possible.

I'm working on bringing back in less than a week. Help make this possible by giving your contributions.

Make a donation please

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